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Hitachi Inverter هيتاشي أنفيرتر


AC Variable Speed Drives – Inverters

Hitachi is one of the leading suppliers of AC variable speed drives – inverters that are utilized for an array of applications in the Americas. Hitachi's AC variable speed drives – inverters are equipped with several advanced features, and deliver unprecedented performance, reliability, and flexibility. Hitachi holds deep expertise in manufacturing new generation AC variable speed drives that offer high-level functionality and accuracy.
Hitachi inverters are a result of a high degree of commonality between each model and the user-friendly configuration software, making them easy to install, program, and maintain. With the broad lineup of industrial AC variable speed drives - inverters, Hitachi aims at providing an economical solution for industry's most challenging applications.


Features and Benefits

  • High starting torque of 200% or greater at 0.5Hz
  • Trip avoidance function
  • EzSq (Easy Sequence) built in programming
  • Easy-removable construction for maintenance
  • User selection of parameter functions
  • Data comparison function
  • SJ700D similar to WJ200
  • High starting torque and dramatically improved speed stability with advanced sensorless vector control
  • Simplified auto-tuning procedure
  • Easy setup and operation via standard integral keypad, optional enhanced keypad or via PC software
  • Dynamic braking transistor in all models
  • Built in Easy Sequence (EzSQ) PLC-like functionality
  • Simple position control capability
  • Capable of driving permanent magnet as well as standard induction motors
  • Dual rated for CT/VT applications
  • User-changed parameter display: Store automatically and display the parameters changed by the user (Up to 32 sets); can also be used as change history.
  • Active parameter display: Display those parameters which are enabled.
  • New and more effective trip avoidance functions, safe-stop function
  • Can be used for heavy and normal duty.
  • Password function to prevent parameters or to hide some of all parameters
  • Data comparison function: Display parameters changed from default setting
  • Basic display: Display most frequently used parameters.
  • Quick display: Display 32 user-selected parameters.
  • Side by side installation to save panel space.
  • Pre-configured parameters
  • Optional field installed operator display
  • 3 wire Start Stop compatible
  • RS-485 Modbus RTU standard
  • PID, Logic and time delay functions built in
  • Energy saving function standard
  • Arithmetic operation and delat functions
  • Keypad /Terminal switching
  • 2nd motor function
  • Three-wire operation function
  • Analog input disconnection detect function
  • CE/UL/cUL/c-Tick approvals
  • Optional door mounted operator display
  • Loss of signal protection
  • Sink or Source input compatible

0.4 ~ 55kW (3-phase 200V)
0.75 ~ 132kW
185,220,315,400kW (3-phase 400V)

0.1 ~ 15kW (3-phase 200V)
0.4 ~ 15kW (3-phase 400V)
0.1 ~ 2.2kW (1-phase 200V)
0.4, 0.75kW (1-phase 100V)

0.2 ~ 2.2kW (3-phase 200V)
0.2 ~ 2.2kW (1-phase 200V)
0.2-4.0 kw (3Phase 400V)